Western Shirts $64 at Levi’s
Flowy Cami $48 at Levi’s

$99.93 At REI

I want to pet this Patagonia jacket. I’d also wear it.

(Click on the picture to see The Avett Brothers Gap video)

If you don’t know I’m a huge Avett Brothers fan, then you certainly should. I got obsessed with these boys after getting my heart broke and discovering November Blue . Now I’ve flown around the country to see them, spent a New Years in Asheville for a two-night show and developed a beard obsession. Their fame seems to grow each year—as do the crowds (ugh beer lines!)—and now they’re in a nationwide Gap ad.

Scott is pretty clean shaven in the ad and video, but his facial hair is usually pretty epic. That said, his beard and hair appear and disappear at random. He even addresses this in their song called Slight Figure of Speech: They said “I hope that you will never change” / I went and cut my hair.

Gotta give Gap credit for this video—definitely captures the brothers’ love for each other. They have also become the face of the Cheerwine Legendary Giveback campaign. You can watch a great video from that campaign here (the doberman is Scott’s dog Hud—yeah, I know these things).

I just saw The Lumineers open for Old Crowe Medicine Show in Central Park and am now relentlessly replaying their Daytrotter session over and over. While I wouldn’t call their style original, since just about every indie/bluegrass/folk band out there is rocking the same Americana skinny jean and beat-up boot look, I do have a fascination with the denim shirts the lead singer wears. They have just the right amount of wear and crease to seem truly vintage. In honor of him, here’s a denim shirt round-up:

$22.80 at Forever21

$49.90 at Zara

$83 // Vintage Valentino on Etsy

$58 at Levi

$99.95 at Nordstroms

Spring came early to NYC. I returned from the frigid landscape of Wyoming to a sun-drenched city and all I could think about was celebrating the warmth with a fun pair of heels. That’s where these colorful cuties came in. I pretty much stick to basics—read: black—when it comes to clothing, so I like to mix it up in the shoe department (my collection runs the gamut from snakeskin to purple suede) and these can dress up a pair of khaki capris or add color to my favorite combo of a black dress with black stockings.

$99.99 at Cabela’s

So if you’re loyal reader, you know I spend a lot of time out west. I’m heading out there again in about a month and in preparation for this trip, I bought some of these heavy duty lined Carhartt overalls. They arrived today and they look a whole lot cuter than I thought they would. Not exactly DVF-wrap-dress-dead-sexy, but I don’t really care about looking chic while I’m out hiking around in the Lolo Wilderness—staying warm is my main priority. These actually cinch in my waist nicely and the pants have a bit of a boot leg flare. Carhartt recently opened up one of their Works in Progress stores in Soho where they sell hip versions of their old standards. I might just have to stop by there today and get myself a little something… it is after all my birthday!

$64 at Penelope T

I was joking with a friend the other day that lately I’m either dressed like a member of The Avett Brothers or the Cherokee nation—because my closet is stock full of plaid and tribal prints. So when I saw this vintage-esque top on the Penelope T Facebook page, I could not resist picking up the phone. (No online store yet!) It definitely needs to join my tribe.

$15 at A+R Store

Milo is the bestest friend your smartphone could ever have. He’ll hold it up for you to adore, sort of like the wind beneath its wings, and won’t ever let it fall.

$36-$38 at Bandit Brand

I discovered Bandit Brand tees in a little store in Greenpoint. Now I’m addicted. In addition to the fact that their shirts are incredibly soft and sport super cool designs or old logos, the company uses real people to sell their tees—not underfed models.

p.s. I’ve been to Thermopolis.

12.99 (was $17.50) at Old Navy

I’m heading out west for a while and this is like the perfect thing for just after sundown, when a little bit of the chill takes hold, but you can’t stand to go inside just yet because the mountains are lit from behind like the trees are in that one Gone with the Wind poster and its breathtaking and beautiful and you can’t believe that this spectacle actually happens like 300 or so days a year because it seems like it should just happen this one time, this one special night—instead of with regularity  like reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond. God I can’t wait to get out there.